Baby Shower Trends

baby shower venue

A new baby is a great reason for a party. And luckily, today's baby showers are less traditional and more focused on fun – for both the guests as well as the parents-to-be. Baby shower trends we’ve noted recently are inspired by a movement towards simplicity and usefulness in gifts, as well as inclusion of all family and friends who want to share in this joyous occasion. Here are some of the top trends we’ve noticed in the many baby showers we’ve hosted at homiey.

Sip & See

A Sip & See combines a baby shower and a meet-the-baby viewing party into one big celebration. It also provides a convenient way to cut down on answering endless calls and texts about when friends and family can come over to see the new baby. They are also ideal for those who may feel rushed on time or don’t want a lavish event before the baby comes.

Diaper Party

Whether this is the first baby or the fifth, one thing that is sure to be needed is diapers.  Rather than asking guests to choose from a list or guess at what the family needs, everyone just brings diapers. This ensures a gift that will actually be used, and also avoids the complexity of various baby registries and that awkwardness of receiving an unwanted or repeat gift.

Co-ed Shower

There’s a super simple way to make sure everyone feels included in all this celebrating - invite them! Mixed company can liven up the event and make it less about party games and more about food, conversation, and celebration. Co-ed showers enable everyone to join in on the festivities and share this special occasion.

No matter which type of shower you’re feeling, we’ve done them all and would love to host yours. Get in touch today!