Creating An Inclusive Coed Shower

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When it comes to baby showers, people are saying goodbye to the idea that celebrating having a baby is solely an activity for women, because after all, it takes two to make a baby. By throwing a coed baby shower, both parents can celebrate and socialize with all of their loved ones before the ensuing craziness of having a newborn. So invite those dads, brothers, grandfathers, friends and even neighbors to celebrate your little bundle of joy, and start your planning with these tips below.


Drawing up a guest list and creating an invite are the first steps to planning a coed baby shower. Get specific by using phrases like “celebrating the joint effort” or “you are invited to a couple’s baby shower” for your invites. No matter how you say it, it’s important that you make it really clear that this shower is open to all genders. Here are some examples to help you kick off creating those invites. 

Expand the menu:

We’ve all been there. You attend a baby shower, eat some finger foods and then you swing by a restaurant on the way home since you’re still so hungry. Typically baby showers serve finger foods and desserts, but expanding your invitation list also calls for more food. Plan on providing something delicious and simple that can feed a crowd like a taco bar or bbq.

Games and activities:

Games are a great way to get everyone to participate in the baby shower fun. Try planning a few activities to bring out a little bit of healthy competition between your guests. Here is a guide to start planning the perfect coed baby shower games and get everyone involved in the celebration. 

The perfect coed baby shower is a blend of food, conversations and activities that all people can enjoy regardless of gender. To truly host an unforgettable coed shower, make sure to send your guests back home on a sweet note, such as personalized candy bars or brownies. We promise, your guests will thank you.