Sip & See Showers

cheap place for a baby shower

A Sip & See combines a baby shower and a meet-the-baby viewing party into one big celebration. They can be ideal for those who may feel rushed on time or don’t want a lavish event before the baby comes. 

If you want to combine the barrage of guests that will certainly want to come after the baby is born with those who will be attending the shower (and especially if these two lists of people are nearly the same!) a Sip & See may be perfect for you. Planning this type of festivity will give you some control over the revolving door of requests to see the new infant. It also provides a convenient way to cut down on answering endless calls and texts about when friends and family can come over to see the new baby.

A Sip & See gives people the chance to peek at the little one while also sharing their congrats. You may choose to do this after the baby is at least one month old to allow for time to settle in and for the baby to build up its immune system. If you wish, you can also enforce a “no touching” policy for the baby to minimize the possible spread of germs.

No matter which type of shower you’re feeling, we’ve done them all and would love to host yours. Get in touch today!