Fun Offsites to Promote Team Building

Team building, offsite meeting space

A team offsite is a perfect way to facilitate bonding between team members and reduce employee stress. This all sounds great, but what exactly do you DO at an offsite? If you’re planning and at a loss, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Volunteer in the Community

Giving time to a good cause is also a great way for your team to bond and get to know each other. Skills-based volunteering lets your team use their professional skills and talents to serve others; for example, assisting with marketing, operations, strategic planning, finance, and technology tasks for a community organization. Or, choose a local nonprofit and visit their location to help - check out La Casa Norte here just down the street from homiey.

Hold A Professional Development Workshop

Offer a shared learning experience at a new location. The activity could be something specifically related to your employee’s jobs, or it could be a broader topic, like negotiation or a leadership skills workshop. Either way, your employees will bond while also having the opportunity to learn and develop skills to further their careers.

Do Something Creative and Touristy

Be a tourist in your own city and explore a new neighborhood! Come ride bikes down the 606 Trail or paddle swan boats in Humboldt Park. Having fun with your team is critical to their success and mental well-being. The personal bonds formed between team members can actually give your company a competitive edge as well.

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