How to Host a Successful Offsite

team meeting offsite

A true offsite isn’t just another meeting, it’s a place for your team to come together and work on a particular project or campaign. Offsites provide a powerful platform to get team members aligned, learn from each other and also have fun.

The secret to an effective offsite event is simple, yet hard, work. You need to set clear goals, create and stick to a realistic agenda and balance purpose with fun.

Be clear about your goal(s) for the offsite. Whether it’s year-end planning or encouraging interaction between employees who generally work remotely, write down exactly what you want to accomplish. This will help you design the offsite to be a complete experience, with each activity and agenda item working towards supporting your goals.

Create an agenda that reflects and reinforces your goals. This means more than simply designating lunch, breaks, and end time. Your agenda should outline what you hope to achieve, and how you’ll attempt to allocate your time; it should also leave plenty of time for conversation and build in time for reflection.

Plan activities that actually build the team. It’s generally a good idea to include a mix of structured activities as well as downtime. Offsites are a perfect time to test employees on essential company information, as well as bring new employees into the know about the history of the company. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Chances are, your team will appreciate a break from their typical routine and leave with renewed energy and a more positive attitude.

A successfully planned team offsite can have enduring benefits to your team’s overall interactions once everyone is back in the office. Offsite meetings can increase productivity, encourage creativity and boost camaraderie. homiey would love to host your next offsite - contact us today to get started!