Member Feature: Giovanni Scott

Giovanni Scott

homiey: What do you do for work, Giovanni?

Giovanni: I own Giovanni Events where we handle all aspects of events, planning , catering, staffing and much more.

homiey: What do you do for fun?

Giovanni: I'm a HUGE gamer, so catch me at an arcade or dancing at some street festival.

homiey: What are some things you are passionate about?

Giovanni: Charitable causes, I'm always about giving back to the community.

homiey: What are your favorite local spots?

Giovanni: Emporium, Sushi Para, Museum of Science and Industry.

homiey: How about your favorite thing(s) about homiey?

Giovanni: I love the relaxed chill vibe at homiey, I can relax, focus, get work done in casual wear but then also turn around and have a high end client meeting . It's AWESOME.