Member Feature: Andrea Castonguay

Andrea Castonguay

homiey: What do you do for work, Andrea?

Andrea: I am a Ph.D. candidate in History.

homiey: What do you do for fun?

Andrea: I enjoy getting out of the city and spending time out in nature, whether it's for an afternoon or a weekend. Long bike rides through the various woodland and park preserves are a great way to spend a sunny Saturday, along with an afternoon out at the Indiana Dunes or farther up the lake in Wisconsin. If there were any mountains within a 4 hour car ride of Chicago, I would certainly do some hiking and hut to hut backpacking.

homiey: What are some things you are passionate about?

Andrea: Good food and drink. Life is too short to eat poorly, even if you are a student on a very limited budget. I've learned that there's a lot you can do with a leftover chicken carcass and it's really easy to make a tasty dinner from a can of tuna, rice, a little veg, and some Korean pickles.

homiey: What are your favorite local spots?

Andrea: The Red Lion near Rockwell Station (Brown Line) reminds me of the pubs I'd go to when I lived in Scotland; nice local places to hang out, get something to eat or drink, and overhear what the neighbors were saying to the bar keep. It is also super cozy and close to my home, which is a big selling point during Chicago's frigid winters!

homiey: How about your favorite thing(s) about homiey?

Andrea: I like how affordable homiey is and how flexible they are with pricing and various rental/co-working options. Every other co-working space I looked at in Chicago required you to have a fairly high annual salary just to afford a $300/month or more open seat and they did not offer day rates for those who wanted to try it out. With homiey, I can take some of the money that I had previously allocated for hanging out in coffee shops while working and get an actual work space without breaking the bank. Plus, I can eat my lunch in the open without trying to hide it from the baristas.