How to Curate Events Your Members Want to Attend


A coworking space can be so much more than just a place to work. Not only can you utilize the space to throw events for your members, but you can also use events as a way to engage with your community and support local businesses. By following our tips, you can transform your space into a place people will gather even after that 11 am client meeting. 

Hear Your Members Out 

The best way to throw an event that has a meaningful attendance rate is by making sure the wants and needs of your members are being served. Before putting together your event calendar, send out a survey to your members asking them specifics on the types of events they would like to see, what times and days work best for them and how frequently they would like events to occur.

Incorporate Your Community

Events can not only bring your coworking community together, but they can also bring your local community together. Consider working with a neighborhood restaurant to cater in food for your event or asking a local retail shop if they would like to sell some of their products in the space. Here at homiey, we love supporting local businesses and artists by putting together quarterly art shows. By incorporating your community into your event planning strategy, you can not only feel good about putting your money and time back into your community, but you can also leverage your community’s network for better event attendance. 


What good is an event if people don’t know about it? Along with making sure your members and community are involved in the event planning process, you also need to spread the word. A good rule of thumb is to start promoting your event a minimum of a month before it will take place. It’s also important to utilize a few different methods of promotion. Make sure to put up flyers around your physical space, post about your event on social media and make a Facebook event. If you have a newsletter, sending out an event reminder and event calendar each month can boost your event attendance goals. 

Lastly, have fun getting members and the community excited about your event! You can do simple tasks like recording an entertaining promo video on your phone and featuring participating businesses and community members in action. 

The key to a well-attended event requires some planning, and requires you to talk openly with your members and community and actively listen to their needs. If you’re looking into joining a coworking space that hosts community-centered events and even offers event space credits you can use for your own gatherings, check us out and give us a holler!