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Are you an artist? Know a dope artist?

We love featuring local artists in our space. Whether you’ve exhibited in the past or are looking for your first showcase opportunity, we look forward to learning more about you! Check out some of the artists we’ve featured in the past or click below to learn more + submit your information for consideration in an upcoming show.


Here are some FAQ about our art showcases:

How often do you hold art shows?

Our shows are held quarterly - one each in the winter, spring, summer + fall.

How long does art stay on display?

Pieces generally are left up for the run of each show, which is approximately 3 months.

Do you hold an opening party?

Yes! We have an open-house-style day party to celebrate. We put up all of our new pieces, invite all of our members, you come to talk art and bring your families/friends/supporters and we all hang out and enjoy art together with some snacks and good music. These are family-friendly affairs and generally take place on a Sunday afternoon.

Do you charge a commission on sold pieces?

homiey does take a 25% commission on any works sold. Artists are encouraged to bring prints or any other materials (cards, bags, etc) to the opening party and are welcome to keep any proceeds generated through these during the opening party.

Interested in Showing at homiey?
Send us some information and we will get right back to you!